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RFW Virtual Dance Experience

Founded 2020

The RFW Virtual Dance Experience was founded in March of 2020 as an immediate response to COVID-19. As Director, I made the decision to embrace the new normal and initiate online learning. The success and further possibilities of our Virtual Dance Experience lent itself to a new branch of our studio, which will continue when our studio reopens. Our virtual experience will continue as a permanent branch of our studio, even when we are past our current New Normal.... (whatever that may mean).
Our google classrooms are accessible to everyone, everywhere! If you can’t find how to join our classrooms, email me directly at rfwdance@gmail.com- but just search google classroom for RFW Virtual Dance Experience and join your classroom level. 
We will continue to expand this branch of Rhonda’s FooteWorks and hope you will share the news with friends, family and everyone who may benefit.
Add comments, photos and videos of activities your dancer enjoys!

Summer 2020 & Fall 2020-Spring 2021 we will continue to offer all classes with a virtual option. This may also be used for parents/guardians to view class, as class viewing/lobby are no longer options due to COVID-19 policies. 

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